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Tri-taft training Manila Amadeo | spyder | Jinga juice | yur buds

Ronda Pilipinas 2014 stage 7

Ronda Pilipinas stage 7 at Valenzuela City

Last Feb.8, 2014 Valenzuela City organize a fun race for all Valenzuela cycling club and open category such as amateur, executive open to all. I try to register in All Valenzuela criterium race at no. 25 and I though that it was a fun race but unfortunately theirs a lot of competitive bikers here in Valenzuela and even Tean Navy Warren Davadilla is born here in Valenzuela. So after the gun start fired. that is also the start of mixed excitement and mixed emotion  after 12rounds i feel my legs hurt and my chest is like gonna explode because of adrenalin and the race marshal unfortunately says "Sir ok lng kyo" you need to off on track because your eliminated on the race. The race rule is you need to at least stay on the pelaton with a specific speed and once you got tired and you cannot catch up on the pack you need to go on the side and race the white flag.  in the end of the day it was fun and it too hard also.
Registration fo…